It was a short ramble this month, not knowing what the state of the footpaths would be after all the recent rain.  We walked from Firestone car park to the edge of Lakeside Wootton and back. There were hundreds of daffodils in bloom and on the shores of the lake at least 3 egrets were seen.

Our lunch was taken at Wootton Methodist Church where there is always an excellent value for money menu and such friendly service.

March Ramble Firestone Copse1


Mount Joy Carisbrooke  16 May 2012

The ramble started at the Priory. We visited the chapel and walked round the garden. Continuing our walk we climbed the hill to Mount Joy cemetery which we found alight with hundreds of cowslips. After walking around the walls of the castle we made our way to the Waverley Inn


Just to point out that the Creekside Amble is an easy stroll  for members with walking difficulties who would be unable to join in the Ramble.  In April everyone met up at my house for coffee before filling up the cars and  going to Bembridge for a nice flat surface walk, followed by an  enjoyable snack lunch. The next amble will be on May 8th.

Jenny Goodall