Creekside WI celebrated the National WI Centenary together with St David’s Day as the first WI was formed in LlanfairPG, Anglesey in 1915. An evening with a Welsh theme was arranged with colours green representing the WI and the red of the Welsh Dragon for Wales. Wootton Methodist Church, where the event was held, was decorated with large English and Welsh flags and bunting. Daffodils and small flags for waving decorated the tables and on arrival all members were given a daffodil buttonhole making it a very colourful event.


President Dorothy Maskell MBE welcomed members and said “This is a unique occasion to celebrate a very important time in the history of the WI nationally”.

Following the singing of Jerusalem, two welsh speaking members said the full name of the commonly known LlanfairPG, followed by ten committee members holding up the 58 letters forming the full name which they in turn said the English translation, most people not knowing it’s meaning.

Dorothy Maskell & Huw Evans

Huw Evans, violinist, played some Welsh music then as a Welsh Bard entertained us with poems by Dylan Thomas, some Welsh history and a translation of Sosban Fach, which was surprising.

Authentic Welsh dishes were cooked and served by the committee. These included Cennin Llygoden, Cawl Cymreig and Pwdin Eryri. During the meal we attempted to answer the questions of a Quiz relating to the WI and to Wales. It was an excellent meal followed by toasts to the Queen and the WI.

The evening ended with the singing of two verses of the National Anthem and with a final flourish Land of My Fathers in Welsh. Everyone agreed it had been a wonderful evening.



Italian Meal at Olivo’s Ryde

On Friday 13th February, 15 members went to Olivo’s Ryde for an Italian meal. The food and service was excellent and we raised a glass of wine to cheer the evening!  Everyone agree they had a lovely time.

Pam, Maureen and Betty
Pam, Maureen and Betty
Kimberley & Ann
Sylvia, Veronica and Dorothy
Group Photo
Anna and Claire


Ascot Ladies Day

Creekside WI met at Wootton Methodist Church hall for ‘Ascot Ladies Day’. The event was originally going to be held outside but the weather had other ideas!! The ladies arrived in their finery and those without a hat could borrow one.

Our ‘host members’ circulated with trays of various canapés, including devils on horseback and grapes stuffed with creamed cheese and nuts. A cream tea followed the canapés. There was a choice of drinks, either Schloer or elderflower squash diluted with lemonade. Everybody enjoyed the latter so much that the Schloer was not needed.

It was then time for the ‘races’. There were several races and before the start of each race there was the opportunity to bet on a horse. Each bet cost 20 pence. Six volunteers stood in a line at the start and these were the jockeys. Each had a wooden horse, numbered 1 to 6. Two dice were thrown, one after the other. The first die, a large one, represented the number of the horse/jockey. The smaller die was then thrown to instruct how many spaces forward the horse can move. In some of the spaces, there would be another instruction e.g. go back 2 spaces or go forward 1 space.

The event was good fun and everybody enjoyed themselves. A big thank you was given to all those who volunteered to be our caterers, waitresses, bookmakers, dice throwers, jockeys and the steward also to the member who had the idea in the first place.




CREEKSIDE W.I. CRAFT COMPETITION – 2014 held in the Methodist Church, Wootton Bridge, on Wednesday, 14th May, 2014 Results
Class 1 Environmental Portrait – 1st Christine Tipple 2nd Pauline Kirby
Class 2 Holidays- 1st Pauline Kirby 2nd Christine Tipple
Class 3 Food and/ Drink- 1st Pauline Kirby 2nd Betty Sieler
Class 4 Family- 1st Betty Sieler 2nd Rio Bellgore-Gullit
Section Overall winner – Pauline Kirby
Runners up – Joint – Betty Sieler & Christine Tipple
Class 1 Victoria Sponge – 1st Pam Mundell 2nd Sue Alexander, Veronica Parker & Ann Pearson
Class 2 Four Cookies – 1st Pam Mundell 2nd Dorothy Maskell
Class 3 Four Almond Tarts – 1st Dorothy Maskell 2nd Christine Tipple
Class 4 1lb. jar Chutney – 1st Veronica Parker 2nd Dorothy MaskellSection Overall winner – Dorothy Maskell Runner up – Pam Mundell

Craft Class 5 Knitting – Any item/ply 1st Mary Lashmar 2nd Sue Fox
Class 6 Sewing – Bookmark 1st Kimberley Goodall
Class 7 Modelling 4 miniatures  1st Linda Sheasby
2nd Joint – Dorothy Maskell vegetables in marzipan or fimo & Christine Tipple
Class 8 Painting any size/medium 1st Margaret Paice 2nd Ann Senior
Class 9 Any other craft 1st Sue Fox 2nd Mary Lashmar
Class 10 Novice any craft No entries Section Overall winner Mary Lashmar Runner up Sue Fox
Flower arranging Class 11 Arrangement “May Theme” – 1st Sue Alexander Class
12 One colour/shade arrangement – 1st Dorothy Maskell 2nd Tina Hughes
Class 13 Victorian Posy – 1st Sue Alexander Section Overall winner Sue Alexander
Competition Overall Winner – Dorothy Maskell Overall runner up – Sue Alexander

New Gallery Pictures

I have added more pictures to the Gallery from the Royal Wedding Breakfast and Diamond Jubilee Lunch.  I will be going through all the scrapbooks and adding more pictures in due course.  To see the new pictures, please click on the Gallery on the main menu.

Big Walk, Little Splash

“10 W.I. Ladies sitting on the wall”

On Wednesday 20th June 2012 , 11 members plus Billy the dog took part in a walk along the seafront from Ryde Rowing Club to Appley Beach Cafe and back.  It was a beautiful dry, sunny and warm day, albeit a very windy one, and everyone had a very enjoyable time.  The walk was done in a nice leisurely fashion and totalled a distance of 1 mile.  This gave an overall total of 11 miles which will be added to our “Big Walk” total so far.  We were hoping that Billy’s mile would also count as he was there representing Tina, our Treasurer, as she unfortunately had to work !


Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Creekside WI enjoyed a fantastic afternoon to mark the celebrations of our Queens Diamond Jubilee.  The committee prepared and served us a delicious 3 course lunch in the very restricted venue of our Methodist Church Hall. Our president Dorothy Maskell thanked Betty Sieler for her outstanding design of the menu and of course the committee for all their hard work. We enjoyed a red white and blue theme throughout the occasion and finished with a resounding National Anthem.  What a great afternoon it was!

Linda Sheasby

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2
Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2


Ramblers Annual Report



In December we had a shorter walk around Firestone Copse. We needed to get to the Sloop Inn early so we could get a dining table for us all to share for our Christmas lunch. We were a little muddy but nobody noticed.


January – we had snow and ice so our walk was cancelled.

February, we went on our usual visit to see the beautiful snowdrops at Newchurch graveyard, followed by lunch at Thompson’s Garden Centre.

March, I was away so Betty Sieler organised a walk around Brighstone.

April, we went down to Mottistone. We parked in the National Trust car park. The bluebells were coming out. A lot of the forest land had been cleared and it was difficult to find the path. We scrambled up a steep hill and found the path, what a beautiful view of the sea up at the top! Coming back down the scent of the bluebells was amazing.

In May we took part in the WI walks to visit another WI. Some of our walkers started from home, others drove and we met up at Quarr Abbey car park. Then we all walked to Binstead stopping at Barbara’s for coffee. We metBinsteadWIat the Fleming Arms together with another couple more of our members and we all had lunch together.

In June we went to Chillerton. We visited the church at Gatcombe and admired the beautiful stained glass windows. It was raining and we all got very wet. Three of us went the Chequers Inn, the rest went straight home. We were drenched!

In July it started to rain and after getting so wet in June, and as there were only four of us, we went for coffee at the Riverside Quay and sat watched the boats going up and down the river, and then we drove to the Folly Inn for lunch.

We did not have a walk in August.

September, we joined up withSeaviewWIfor their annual ramble and amble. Seven of us went. The ramble was a little difficult with the tide coming up the beach and we had to go through the woods. The amblers had a quieter walk with lots of coffee.

October, we parked at Medina High School and walked through the Arboretum to the river path, we passed the remains of the Ryde Queen sadly rotting in the mud and then on to the Folly Inn for food. Afterwards we walked back again. It was a lovely sunny day.

We all enjoy our walks, but would be very pleased to welcome more ramblers from our WI to join us and swell our numbers.

Wendy Mitchell
May 2012


The Tea & Chat was held on Friday 18th May at Ann Westmore’s home.  Thirteen members attended and as usual everyone enjoyed a good chat and a laugh about all sorts of things over a lovely cup of coffee (or tea).  A donation was made towards the cost of the coffee and today £12 was raised and this is being donated to the “Barely Born” charity.  Thank you to everyone who came.

Ann Westmore


Mount Joy Carisbrooke  16 May 2012

The ramble started at the Priory. We visited the chapel and walked round the garden. Continuing our walk we climbed the hill to Mount Joy cemetery which we found alight with hundreds of cowslips. After walking around the walls of the castle we made our way to the Waverley Inn