Marzipan Fruits Day

At 10am. on Friday 11th November, Dorothy Maskell, Ann Parker, Mary Lashmar, Margaret Paice, Mary Stocker, Joan Miller, Sue Alexander, Ann Westmore, and Christine Tipple  all arrived at Linda Sheasby’s house to spend the next few hours making boxes of marzipan fruits.  Plied with cups of coffee and supervised by Chris they set to work with a different fruit for each to make.  We even took time to respect the 2 minute silence as it was Rememberance Day.  Each member made 40 fruits and by lunch time they had made sufficient to fill 20 boxes.  After their packed lunches had been devoured and washed down with more cups of tea and coffee, they set to work again, and this time they made 30 fruits each which was enough to fill a further 15 boxes.  Dorothy, Ann and Chris packed up the boxes with two of each fruit and a Christmas pudding in each box, and by 3:pm the job was completed.  Now sealed down and labelled with the W.I Logo plus details of the ingredients they are now ready to be sold to our members.                               

Thank you to everyone for their hard work resulting in a very professional end product.