Big Walk, Little Splash

“10 W.I. Ladies sitting on the wall”

On Wednesday 20th June 2012 , 11 members plus Billy the dog took part in a walk along the seafront from Ryde Rowing Club to Appley Beach Cafe and back.  It was a beautiful dry, sunny and warm day, albeit a very windy one, and everyone had a very enjoyable time.  The walk was done in a nice leisurely fashion and totalled a distance of 1 mile.  This gave an overall total of 11 miles which will be added to our “Big Walk” total so far.  We were hoping that Billy’s mile would also count as he was there representing Tina, our Treasurer, as she unfortunately had to work !



Just to point out that the Creekside Amble is an easy stroll  for members with walking difficulties who would be unable to join in the Ramble.  In April everyone met up at my house for coffee before filling up the cars and  going to Bembridge for a nice flat surface walk, followed by an  enjoyable snack lunch. The next amble will be on May 8th.

Jenny Goodall