Scrapbook 2017 January – April

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February Ramble

The ramble through Newchurch in February on a bitterly cold day.

Kurling Evening Wednesday 22 March @ 7pm

Dorothy welcoming members of the Methodist Church to the Kurling evening in March.

Ann, Hazel and Jenny preparing the supper.

Susan gives it her best shot.

Mary watching Dorothy measuring. It was so close.

March Ramble

The ramblers take a short break on their walk through Combley Great Wood in March, having seen Celandines, Wood Annemonies, Primroses, White Violets among the emerging Bluebells.

Easter Tea

Easter tea in April Studying the quiz prepared by Pauline.

Kay and Gwen enjoying the afternoon.

Marlene supervising the “pin the tail on the Easter Bunny” with Margaret about to have a go.