Ramble ~ 19th June 2019

Report by Rio Bellgore-Gullit

Wendy and Margaret met Rio at Brannon Way car park. Wendy drove to Seaview car park, picking up Marlene and Sue from Fishbourne en route. Elizabeth took her own car.

At Seaview car park, members from other WI’s joined members of Seaview WI for either the annual communal ramble or amble. Rio did the ramble but the other fore-mentioned Creekside members did the amble.

The tide was not in our favour this year. Beth led the ramble down Pier Road and along to Seagrove Bay, where some of the ramblers made use of the new public conveniences. We then plodded up Ferniclose Road to one of the entrances to Priory Bay Hotel. From there we continued south, across fields and then along a footpath between hedges to St Helens. This path emerged on Upper Green Road with the Vine Inn on our right, but we didn’t go in. Instead, we continued the ramble eastwards, admiring the cottages and their front gardens.

We turned left along Eddington Road and after a short distance, there was no more pavement so we crossed over to walk on the right-hand side in single file, facing the oncoming traffic and taking care. We then left the road and followed the lane on our right up to and beyond Nodes Point Holiday Park. Now on the IW Coastal Footpath, we followed this adjacent to Priory Bay Hotel, passing a ‘tree’ that is actually a mast disguised as a tree. We even found little bit of mud along this path between the hedges. We descended Ferniclose Road to Seagrove Bay – that was easier!! Making our way back into Seaview for lunch, we passed a cork tree. Rio plotted the route on Tracklogs later and found it to be 3.8 miles.

The amblers walked to Puckpool Park and back.

Our lunch was in a different hall this year. Last year, St Peter’s Church hall was used but this year, Grace Church hall in Steyne Road was used. Mary couldn’t make the ramble or amble but joined us for the lunch. Table-by-table we went up to choose either cheese or paté salad. Salad was followed by a variety of desserts and some had second helpings. A big thank you to Seaview WI for their hospitality and to Wendy for driving Creekside members to Seaview.

Download PDF version with extra pictures.