Photography Group January Meeting

Gary Early, professional photographer and judge of the photos in May for the Crafts competition met us to explain and demonstrate how to obtain appropriate images for each of the subjects.

Generally, he said that he preferred a white photo frame with at least an inch border to obtain the best effect. Searching online can produce some good mounts.

He suggested that one should pre-visualise each subject before attempting to photograph and it is good practise to stick to a single subject, taking numerous prints to allow more choice of the eventual print to be submitted. For each subject, Gary demonstrated differing photos.

  1. BIRDS. Demonstrating with some photos, he showed that a large aperture would subdue the background and enhance the image of the bird.
  2. OUT OF CAMERA. jpeg provides a smaller and quicker image and any alterations must be made in camera.
  3. PEOPLE. He suggested using macro for close-ups and ideas for these photos can be found on the internet.
  4. A SIDELIT IMAGE OF ANYTHING. Facials can reveal character and shadows of face and certainly, of objects, reveals textures
  5. FRUITS AND/OR VEGETABLES. He suggested the use of macro again.
  6. EXPECTATION Can be looking upwards.

Gary kindly looked at our cameras to remedy any problems that we were having.
We also discussed a year long competition from W.I Headquarters of a potential diary of photographs for the current year.

Report By: Daphne Williams

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  1. You can’t take a print with a digital camera, you can take an image or ‘photograph’ that a printer or print process can produce – only then is it a print 🙂

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