Photography Group

A small group met with Gary Early, our adjudicator for the Craft Evening to discuss the photographic entries.

Whilst commending the quality of all the pictures, he did offer some useful advice. The best results for photographing an animal or bird is to use the camera on manual and to make use of a wide aperture. An F2 aperture is recommended to give sharpness to the bird/animal. The background will not overtake the image of the subject. He said that cropping loses the sharpness of the subject. A small aperture is F22 and he recommended F16 for a sunny day with a shutter speed of 400. Always leave space for a person/animal to walk into. When going out to take photos, one could look online to gain ideas of subject and compositions

The advice is to experiment to gain experience. It is best to have the white balance on automatic setting in the camera. It is advisable to look carefully before taking a picture and always take several, which will give a choice. If it is not a good picture, leave it and go onto something else.

Thought for the day was to focus on an aspect of photography that one enjoys more than any thing else and experiment to see what the camera can achieve!

Report by Daphne Williams