News from Navan – Covid can’t stop them either!

Morning ladies. Just a few pics of parade today. The Upside down parade came about of course with covid being about. We would line the street (about 2/3 klm) and we would have wagons from Churches, service groups, tractors, pipe bands (love a good pipe band…my dad was born in Glasgow) and regular bands, new and old, lots of animals and happy faces. So this year we stayed in our car and the wagons etc were stationary. The line of cars was just as long. Donations to Fair and food bank on the way in. Check out Navan Fair on google. The crazy lady is our Sheila. Sheila is the PR person for our WI. She gets everyone in the spirit. I arranged for WI to get a space and the girls took up the challenge, they did a great job. We hold a Guinness book of records for 50 Clydesdale horses with one hitch. Drove right by my house! It is on web also, I think even a video. We also have a little newspaper called the Navan Nugget. 5 or 6 pages of pics , advertisements and goings on in the village. Check out August Nugget. I am in there for an award..very humbling.
Take care everyone.
Love from Canada to you