Creekside WI at Farringford

On a beautiful warm June day, we began our adventure with a visit to nearby Chessil Cafe. Delicious!

Then a short drive to Farringford, home to Alfred Lord Tennyson and his family. The gardens at the entrance of are full of colour; so many plants that would look lovely in ones own garden.

It is a very beautiful house that has been lovingly restored. The rooms contain a mixture of furniture that belonged to the family and also some that is appropriate for that era. The prints are copies of picture that hung on the house at the time. The guides take care to make your visit  enjoyable and informative and by the time you leave you feel as if you have met the Tennyson family and have shared some of their highs and lows. Another lovely Creekside WI outing!

Thank you to Ann and Linda for organising the event.