Creekside Online Book Club

This month we encountered His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet.

Most of us agreed with Pauline that it was an intriguing and disturbing book which reflected well the history of the times. Life for the inhabitants of Culduie was hard. There seemed to be a shortage of community spirit overtaken by the need to survive. The local bully rose to the top of the hierarchy which enabled him to further the lot of his family at the expense of the others. As the pressure was piled onto Roderick and his family, his (Roderick)  resentment and sense of the lack of justice became too much to bear and he snapped bludgeoning his oppressor to death. The whole episode begged the question ‘Why didn’t the community pull together to change their situation?’ Roderick seemed to take the blame for all that went wrong and the villagers were happy to join in. Even in prison Roddy is the victim of bigotry, not recognised as a bright possibly sensitive individual. Not everybody agreed that these days he might have had a label such as autistic but the death of his mother had a profound effect on a family that did not share their problem. A thought provoking book with well written descriptions. Scoring was high…..between 7 and 10. As usual it was great to see everybody and have a catchup. Roll on the next book and meeting.😷🌈 Happy Birthday Mr Burrows, we love your cards😀

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