Creekside 50th Year Garden Party

Held in Wootton Methodist Church because of the inclement weather everyone enjoyed the 1960’s Theme.   The lively 60’s music , dress of many members,  and the afternoon tea reflected 1967, the year Creekside WI started.   The food included tinned salmon, egg and cress and ham sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks etc.   Cakes were black forest gateau, fairy cakes and fruit cake.  Also on offer was trifle, orange jelly with mandarin oranges with carnation milk.

There was a wide variety of items on the sales stalls and competitions included, from 83 photographs of Wootton, taken by Sylvia Burrows, to find the treasure won by Shirley Worthington and guess the photographs of members taken in 1967.

The parade of those in 1960’s dress was won by Linda Flack and finally a toast to Creekside in its 50th birthday year. 

What a jolly afternoon we had!

C. Downie