Craft Day

We all had a great day at the Methodist church,on our planed craft day. We all met at 9.30am to start making fresh holly wreaths for Christmas. Cheryl Howell was our demonstrator with expert advice on how to assemble an attractive wreath. As you can see by the photographs, she was good at her job.
Next was the turn of Susan Moore and Kimberley Goodall to demonstrate crocheting, and with lots of encouragement we managed to start the chain to enable us to crochet a table decoration in the shape of a Christmas tree. It was great fun, with lots of laughs as half of the group had never used a crouching hook.
Again some of us finished the task, others took them home to finish them at leisure.

It was a super day with all of us enjoying other members company. Photos prove we did make some Christmas trees.
In the kitchen ladies were preparing vegetables for tomorrow’s Christmas lunch at the Methodist church. Twenty of us have booked the meal and the smell coming from the kitchen of the prepared food was delightful and we all looking forward to tomorrow’s meal.
Thanks for attending a super day ladies, look forward to more in the future.
Ann and Linda


Super Skill Sharing Through Crafting
What a wonderful day! Members of Creekside WI had the pleasure of creating their own Christmas wreaths and crocheted decorations thanks to Cheryl Howell and Sue Moore. The morning began with a warming cup of tea or coffee then off we went. We began, after a short demonstration, to create beautiful and very individual wreaths. There was a mass of different foliage to choose from and the concentration was so focused that when the cakes and refreshments were brought nobody stopped. We had to have a reminder! What a fantastic way to learn a new skill, be creative, share ideas or just chat and enjoy each other’s company.
Our crochet Christmas trees demanded even more concentration but once we had grasped the stitches beautiful trees began to take shape. Completed trees had their own little characters and incomplete trees went home to be finished. There was just time to learn how to make the beautiful Christmas tree decoration that also went home for completion.
Thank you again to Cheryl and Sue AND Linda and Ann for providing of course yummy homemade cakes. When are we going to learn other crafting skills? There is a lot of talent in our WI; let’s share it!