Craft Day

A great way to spend an afternoon at Linda’s in Shanklin , with like minded members from Creekside WI.

We had decided to get together to make some Christmas craft items for the Christmas Fair for Federation in Newport later in the year.

Some fab ideas, have been put forward, and we have arranged groups to meet during August,September, and October to make a selection of items. Suggestions put forward to make included, face cream in decorated jars, Christmas decorations for a tree, wreaths made from material and put on a hessian back, to hang on a door and other Pom Pom decorations for a tree. More adventurous ideas were dream catchers, but I think that will be a later project, when we are a little more experienced.

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Party in the Park 2018

A beautiful day for our party in the park, we expected the sun to shine, but it really was a hot day.

We set the tables up at nine o clock with the public coming arriving at 12 noon. With help from WI members we were soon on our way to setting up a good display. We put up 2 gazebos, bunting and 4 tables, then emptied the cars with all the produce we had brought.

Lots of cup cakes decorated to look like pigs or sheep, made people smile. Plus a wide selection of fruit cakes, boiled fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, Victoria sponges, banana cakes – cakes of all shapes and sizes I was so pleased with the selection. Jars of jam and whiskey marmalade, were filling the tables up nicely and our stall was looking good. Boxes of marzipan fruits, were next – they looked very tasty.

A raffle for a basket of fruit and a flower picture game organised by Sylvia, with the winner getting £25 was next to be set up.

Then came a table filled full of books, bags, and scarves. Not to mention a luck dip for the children to enjoy.

Next was our best money maker, WATER OR WINE people were asked to pick a bottle for a £1, pull off the paper it was wrapped in and it was revealed if it was water or wine. It was great fun watching there faces when it was revealed a bottle of wine we had lots of takers.

Medina marching band kept the atmosphere a happy day in the sun shine in the park.

I’m sure all the ladies who helped enjoyed the day, although in the beautiful weather it was an exhausting day.

Report by Ann Parker

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Country Dancing

Dancing group started again, after our summer break, on 7th September.

Not all of the members are from our WI.  ‘Calling ‘ the dances is shared on a weekly basis by Brenda Benson from St John’s WI, and by John.  It was John’s turn this week, all the dances  were in  the Playford  style.

The Playfords were a father and son who travelled around the country collecting dances in the 17th and 18th century.

Why not join us  at Church Close, every Thursday 2:30-3:30 new members always welcome

Report submitted by Wendy

Party in the Park 2017

Sunshine and showers did not stop the intrepid members of Wootton Creek WI manning their gazebo at Party in the Park on Saturday 22nd of July. Despite the worsening weather conditions, a steady flow of passers by stopped to enjoy taking a risk on the Wine or Water stall, chose from the delicious cakes and biscuits to buy or dipped into the children’s Lucky Dip. There was also a choice of books, DVDs and jewellery and hand made crafts to purchase. Were you the lucky winner who found the lost watch somewhere in Wootton?

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Photo Club – February & March 2013

In February, Gary Early came to our meeting and tried to give us some advice regarding ideas of things to take for the forthcoming National W.I. Photographic Competition entitled “Inspiring Women”.  Unfortunately, none of us could come up with very much to take photos of.  Gary also had a look at some of the photos the members had taken in January down at Wootton Creek, and we all passed our comments on them.  The aim is to try and find a new cover photo for next years programme.  He also spent some time going through the basic instruction to help new members Anna Pearson and Anne Willshire.  However, we all found it to be an extremely useful refresher course.Creekside Photo Club at Creek  Below are a couple more photos from the afternoon at the Creek.

In March, because it was so bitterly cold and damp with flurries of snow blowing around, we decided to spend the afternoon attempting to download photos from the camera’s memory card onto a laptop, and also a memory stick. For some reason it took us until almost the end of the afternoon for it all to work.  The cold must have got into the computers!!

Wootton Lake
Wootton Lake

Photo Club – January 2013


View of Wootton Creek
View of Wootton Creek

In January, because it was a nice bright and sunny afternoon Dorothy Maskell, Pauline Kirby, Daphne Williams, Anna Pearson and Anne Willshire went out to the Creek in Wootton  taking photos of unusual objects and views, with some at different angles.  Some of the results turned out very well and were quite interesting.  Despite

Taking photos of each other down on the Creek!
Taking photos of each other down on the Creek!

all of the mud and being a low tide they were able to get right down to the edge of the Creek.  A couple of photos are shown below:-

Photo of Dorothy, Pauline, Anna, Anne and Daphne taken with a timer
Photo of Dorothy, Pauline, Anna, Anne and Daphne taken with a timer