Beetle Drive with Rookley WI

Let’s go to a Beetle Drive!

On a beautiful autumn day four members from Creekside WI arrived at the Rookley Community Hall for an afternoon of fun. After a short reminder of the rules we were off. Dice shaking was short and speedily passed to the next player, full concentration was essential. With just enough time to draw beetle parts the dice was back round the table to be shaken again. The pace was frantic! Winning couples changed tables and one of the losers moved round one seat. After the first twelve games it was time for tea and of course cake. Off we went again. When all the games had been played scores were added up and a winner was declared. Congratulations!

Thank you for the invitation Rookley WI, we had the opportunity to meet members from other WIs and had a very exciting afternoon.
Report by C Downie

Visit to Carisbrooke Priory

A small group of us had a very enjoyable lunch at The Priory in Carisbrooke on a rather warm sunny day.
We all sat down to lunch of home make quiche and salad, with the obligatory fresh cream cake, followed by coffee.

A talk was then give by one of the guides at the Priory on the history of the building and who had occupied it over the years. We sat in the drawing room in the Prior for our talk the Windows over looking the garden.
We then had a tour of the ‘Cells’ the nuns slept in, they were very small with just a bed, basin and a small chest of draws, very cold looking and not at all welcoming.
Next we went in to the chapel they would have prayed in. Beautiful carved chairs and alter were very effective.
Then we had a walk around the gardens. Unfortunately they have been let go over the years, but you could image the magnificent display of shrubs roses and climbers they must have shown in there hey day.
A super day out, and well worth a second visit, even if it was just for the lunch.

Report by Ann Parker

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