Lest We Forget

11th  November 1918 – 2018

To mark the centenary of the Armistice a poppy wreath was placed at the Wootton War Memorial on behalf of the members of Creekside WI. A service of remembrance took place at St Mark’s in Station Road and then the congregation led by scouts, guides and brownies made their way to St Edmund’s for the last post, the two minutes silence and the wreath laying. A variety of community groups as well as individuals and families laid wreaths and other tributes to the fallen.


Kurling with Brading and Haylands WI

Fabulous food, very friendly company and fun, fun, fun!

Brading and Haylands WI came to Creekside for a Kurling challenge. Players built up their stamina enjoying a tasty cottage pie followed by lemon meringue pie or apple crumble/pie with ice cream or custard. Chairs were pushed back and tables removed and the competition began. All players were very good sports, clapping successes made by both teams and cheering when the opposition were knocked off the bull. Dorothy even had to get her tape measure out to check a result! Tea at half time injected a bit more energy until red team clinched it. Thank you everyone who worked so hard to make the evening such a success especially Jenny Gaches for her extra yummy cottage pies and light and lemony meringues.

C Downie

Ramble – 17 October 2018

Totland to Alum Bay – 2 miles

Six ladies made their way to Totland by bus, sitting upstairs to enjoy the views. We got off at the War Memorial bus stop along Broadway, crossed over and made our way down Madeira Road to Cliff Road. The grass was being cut on the Turf Walk. We continued on until we turned right to take footpath T16 up on to Headon Warren.

The weather was murky and so were the views. Unfortunately, we were too late for a display of heather – just the odd bit was in bloom here and there. There was some gorse in bloom. Rio explained that it was dwarf gorse as common gorse does not bloom at this time of year. A fellow member of the Natural History Society had informed Rio of this when on Headon Warren in September. Raindrops on a web were also observed.

At the Alum Bay end of Headon Warren, the path split. Wendy led the group straight on but this path had eroded in places and there sheer drops on the right and a not so sheer drop on the left. Neither Elizabeth or Rio liked the dizzy heights so they back-tracked to the path junction, where Rio led Elizabeth down the lower path. Rio and Elizabeth waited on a grassed area for a few minutes but the other four could not be seen or heard. Elizabeth thought they were already at Alum Bay so Elizabeth and Rio went to Alum Bay. They looked in shops, the cafe, the bar but there was no sign of them. By now, it was drizzling so shelter was taken by the 4D film entrance. Rio believed that the others were still making their way down and texted Mary to say that Elizabeth and her were by the 4D film entrance at Alum Bay.

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Book Club Meeting ~ October

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

A woman tells of the creeping breakdown of society through the dissection of families, removal of children, filing people into colours and types of uniform. The joining of the Wife and the Handmaid in the act of procreation eliminates any love. The cold and deliberate way people are directed not to talk and look at each other….’salvaged’….eliminating trust. You ask the question ‘Could it happen now?’
The comparison between past and present make her tale even more desperate and poignent. The clean almost emotionless way of telling the story reflects the killing of individuality and feeling that those in charge want; a regimented, paternalistic society. The atmosphere is cold and grey. The threat of the Wall is always there. The unfamiliar titles for shops, position in the hierarchy and the intertwining of Christian based morals, however manipulated, adds to a feeling of hopelessness. The horror of the Prayvaganza reminds you that however civilised people think they are, they can soon become part of a baying mob with no feeling or empathy with the victim, simply preservation of self.
The Historical notes create the most disturbing feelings of all….that those in the future can look back, having escaped the horrors of the particular society they are viewing through the words of someone who had to suffer what was imposed on him/her and in the end may have been punished for what? It has happened in our history.
The reader is gripped from beginning to end by this disturbing and thought provoking book. Totally believable.
Cheryl Downie

Fund Raising for Young Carers on the Isle of Wight

A super afternoon at Ann Parkers for an afternoon tea, to raise money for young female careers on the Isle of Wight.
20 ladies arrived on a windy afternoon in Wootton to enjoy a chat a cuppa with fruit and cheese scones being enjoyed by all. We raised £110.00 in all, I was so pleased in the generous donations by all who attended, thanks ladies, I enjoyed welcoming you all at my home.

Ann Parker

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Suffragettes East Cowes Parade ~ September

Linda Sheasby Dorothy Maskell and Ann Parker all paraded in East Cowes Town centre celebrating the 100 year of the Suffragettes movement.

The day was enjoyed by a large number of East Cowes residents, and Whippingham and East Cowes Women’s  institute  who organised a wonderful day in East Cowes.

We had a march through the town centre from Jubilee recreation ground then into Kings square. Stalls, cakes, drinks were all on offer with music by the local marching band, a group singing popular songs not to mention the Morris dancers and the popular Ukulele band.

Everyone was invited regardless of age or ability wearing cloths from the period after 1919.

A fun day was enjoyed by all on a beautiful sunny day. 

Well done East Cowes and Whippingham  WI on a very successful day.

Kurling – Creekside v Waterside

On a very hot July evening Ann Parker welcomed 14 members from Waterside WI who joined us for a fun evening of food and Kurling. Jenny Gaches did us proud again, having spent a hot afternoon in her kitchen cooking a selection of Quiches, these were then plated up by committee members and served with salad and new potatoes, followed by strawberries and ice-cream.

Tables cleared and folded away, battle then commenced between the two teams, a mix of Waterside and Creekside members in each, Red and Blue, well that is the colour of the pucks , we like to keep it simple, every picture tells a story as you will see from the photographs.. Yes the Blue Team won 13 points to Reds 5, but Reds had the last laugh, landing a bulls eye on the last shot of the match, but alas was too late for victory. Did ‘sweeping’ make a difference…..no that was for fun.

Waterside thanked us and everyone agreed that it had been a lovely evening and helped take our minds off feeling the heat.

Report by Cheryl Howell

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Party in the Park 2018

A beautiful day for our party in the park, we expected the sun to shine, but it really was a hot day.

We set the tables up at nine o clock with the public coming arriving at 12 noon. With help from WI members we were soon on our way to setting up a good display. We put up 2 gazebos, bunting and 4 tables, then emptied the cars with all the produce we had brought.

Lots of cup cakes decorated to look like pigs or sheep, made people smile. Plus a wide selection of fruit cakes, boiled fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, Victoria sponges, banana cakes – cakes of all shapes and sizes I was so pleased with the selection. Jars of jam and whiskey marmalade, were filling the tables up nicely and our stall was looking good. Boxes of marzipan fruits, were next – they looked very tasty.

A raffle for a basket of fruit and a flower picture game organised by Sylvia, with the winner getting £25 was next to be set up.

Then came a table filled full of books, bags, and scarves. Not to mention a luck dip for the children to enjoy.

Next was our best money maker, WATER OR WINE people were asked to pick a bottle for a £1, pull off the paper it was wrapped in and it was revealed if it was water or wine. It was great fun watching there faces when it was revealed a bottle of wine we had lots of takers.

Medina marching band kept the atmosphere a happy day in the sun shine in the park.

I’m sure all the ladies who helped enjoyed the day, although in the beautiful weather it was an exhausting day.

Report by Ann Parker

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Eastern Promise Bellydance

Debbie Webb from Eastern Promise Dance Troupe was our speaker or rather the dancer this month.

Debbie explained the intricacies of belly dancing and how she first took part. She said that it is a great activity for confidence building, enjoyable, with no age barrier. We handled beautiful, heavily beaded costumes and saw how she wafted her veils and spun her wings. She also showed us her cane, finger cymbals and belts decorated with beads and coins accompanied by some impressive hip wiggling. We were invited to join in! WE DID!!!
Another ten minutes and who knows…


Garden Party

It was hot, hot HOT! The sun shone down on members of Creekside WI who enjoyed a Canadian themed barbecue last Friday. We have are twinned with Navan WI in Ontario so checked shirts were worn but only the brave wore jeans because it was too hot! Cool delicious salads accompanied sausages and burgers followed by bananas chocolate sauce and ice cream. A stimulating quiz, music by Canadian musicians and scarf, bag and book sale added to the fun. Thanks were given to all who helped to make it such a lovely afternoon.

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