Would I Lie to You?

‘Would I Lie to You?’ Of course not! Or would we? After some very in-depth questioning, members had to decide if the ladies on the panel were telling the truth or lying when they told a short personal story. There was quite a variety of tales e.g. I was a trials bike rider, I swore in Afrikaans and was rumbled by the German nurse, I cut my sister’s hair off and stuffed it inside my teddy, stranded in a boat in a storm our rescuer would not tow us to safety until he had my husband’s shoes and I was a member of the largest dance troupe dancing together.

Arthur Edwards made sure everything ran smoothly and Barbara took questions from the floor. Who would guess the WI ladies could lie so convincingly or have such unusual experiences? I wonder what other interesting stories members could tell.

Presentation of Long Service Certificates

Shirley, Olive and Mary having been presented with Long Service Certificates

In January three Long Service Certificates were presented to three of our members. Mary Lashmar and Betty Ships received theirs having each served Creekside for 40 years, and Shirley Worthington received hers for 10 years service.  As Olive Lailey had been unable to attend the January meeting, she had her certificate presented to her in February.  Olive had served Creekside for 30 years.  Congratulations to them all.

Unfortunately when we took the photo at the February meeting Betty Ships was unable to be there having broken her wrist.  We all wish her a speedy recovery.


Retirement of Sickness Visitor

Maureen being presented with bouquet of flowers on her retirement

At the end of 2011 it was with regret to Creekside W.I. that Maureen Turner decided it was time to retire as a sick visitor.  She had carried out the job, together with Margaret Paice, for a great number of years visiting members not only at home, but also in Hospital and in Convalescent Homes. She was always there with a smile and tried to cheer up the members.  She will be greatly missed, and we hope she enjoys her retirement from the job.