March Book Club

Creekside Book Club Meeting
March 5th

Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier

This book depicts life in the late 18 century in Dorset and London. A family moves from rural Dorset to the outskirts London to rent rooms next door to William Blake, printer, poet and visionary. In a nearby field is the winter home of a famous traveling circus. Both of these form the story of Burning Bright.

We see poverty, orphans, prostitutes, murder, rape and factories where women were harmed by chemicals . We see the opposite side with beautiful clothes and possessions. We also saw the results of the French Revolution on some the British people and so much more.

I found the description of chair making (the fathers skill) and the button making and designs which the country family passed on to their neighbours fascinating.

The group on the whole found it interesting and well written.

Creekside WI Bookclub

5th February

We braved a freezing cold evening to discuss Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This is a book we all enjoyed and agreed was a good read. Even though two of us hadn’t finished the book in time and the point was made that the language sometimes slowed the telling of the story. We discussed Mr Rochester’s attitude to the women in his life, the effect that Jane’s religious upbringing had on her life and the cruelty and hardship that had to be endured at that time. Refreshments lightened the mood and we rounded the evening off with a few good laughs one of which was a new porridge recipe involving alcohol…..!