On-line Bookclub – February

Sometimes the Tech tries to confuse you but being a WI member and a little perseverance we were able to enjoy another meeting. Due to COVID we have decided to read books of our own choice which is not only very interesting but also gives other members good ideas to follow up. Tonight we heard about The Prisoner’s Wife by Maggie Brooks, Children of The New Forest by Captain Marryat, No One Listened by Isobel and Alex Kerr, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, Mum and Dad by Joanna Trollope and Black Eyed Devils by Catrin Collier.
All were given a score of 9 except the last book which was called a ‘Quick Read’
The story was described through the conversation between characters resulting in a feeling of lack of substance.
All the other books were about relationships and described how characters overcome hardship either physical, mental or both.
Catching up with each other is an important part of these meetings and we always manage to have a good laugh. Looking forward to next meeting already.

Creekside Online Book Club

This month we encountered His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet.

Most of us agreed with Pauline that it was an intriguing and disturbing book which reflected well the history of the times. Life for the inhabitants of Culduie was hard. There seemed to be a shortage of community spirit overtaken by the need to survive. The local bully rose to the top of the hierarchy which enabled him to further the lot of his family at the expense of the others. As the pressure was piled onto Roderick and his family, his (Roderick)  resentment and sense of the lack of justice became too much to bear and he snapped bludgeoning his oppressor to death. The whole episode begged the question ‘Why didn’t the community pull together to change their situation?’ Roderick seemed to take the blame for all that went wrong and the villagers were happy to join in. Even in prison Roddy is the victim of bigotry, not recognised as a bright possibly sensitive individual. Not everybody agreed that these days he might have had a label such as autistic but the death of his mother had a profound effect on a family that did not share their problem. A thought provoking book with well written descriptions. Scoring was high…..between 7 and 10. As usual it was great to see everybody and have a catchup. Roll on the next book and meeting.😷🌈 Happy Birthday Mr Burrows, we love your cards😀

Creekside WI Online Bookclub Update

This month’s book, Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler, prompted a lively discussion with varying views which was reflected in the scoring which ranged from 4 to 8 out of 10. Most of us agreed it was well written with believable descriptions but some of us found relating to the main character difficult. The question for the main character, Delia, was ‘Am I valued in my marriage?’ Some of us described Delia’s journey to independence and a degree of self knowledge as fascinating, others tedious. One astute person commented that whether we enjoyed it or not, we discussed the book for most of the session instead of wandering off onto other subjects. Great to see everybody as usual and can’t wait to start our next book.

C Downie

Creekside WI On Line Bookclub

Well done ladies…conquering tech problems to meet again to discuss ‘Shabanu, Daughter of the Wind’. The general opinion was that it is a well written book, well researched, with very good descriptions of what it was like to live travelling through the dessert. We discussed cultural traditions and women’s’ choices. Do men have choices? Where does that Meeting time go? Suddenly it was time to score the book and decide on the next one. Scoring with fingers this time ladies! Note the concentration. There is always some time to have a quick catch up and make sure everyone is ok. Meeting in a garden next time?

Creekside WI Online Bookclub

Creekside Online Bookclub met again this month to discuss Water for Elephants By Sara Gruen.

Members agreed that it is a very well written book with excellent descriptions that carry the reader back to the era in which it is set. Characters are clearly described and believable. It was scored above 6 by all members. As ever we enjoyed some lively chat before we overshot our time and Zoom cut us off rather abruptly. Thanks everybody for a great evening….see you next month.

Shabanu Daughter of the Wind by Suzanne Fisher Staples sounds as if it’s going to be exciting.

Book Club Report

You can’t keep a good WI down!
Creekside WI Bookclub is now on line. Last night six of of us zoomed to discuss
the House at Riverton by Kate Moreton. It was very exciting as each member joined;
Well it was our first on line meeting! We did have quite a short discussion because we were also interested in how we were all coping with lockdown. We all enjoyed the book, which was a reminder of Downton Abbey and thought it was a well written book
with interesting and loveable characters. Well done ladies!

Creekside WI Bookclub

It was a great night tonight girls- thanks for coming! Everybody really enjoyed The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain, which was about the different strands of love that can be found in life. An easy read with characters that we could all identify with. A book you could pick up and put down and still feel involved in. It scored an average of nine.

Coffee anyone? How many teas? Cake, biscuits and a good old chat – lovely way to top off the evening.

Book Club Meeting November

Eight of us gathered at a members home to discuss our latest read “Any Human Heart” by William Boyd. There were mixed reviews and some of us didn’t persevere with it and didn’t finish reading it. It was written in a diary format about a fictional character Mountstuart a writer in 20th century. The book scored a 9 out of 10 rating.

We enjoyed the usual chat (not book related) along with the obligatory cake & coffee.

We will meet again in January to discuss “Persuasion” by Jane Austin.

Welcome back to Heron Book Club

Heron Book Club met on the 9th September to discuss ‘Pure’ by Andrew Miller. Several members enjoyed the historical descriptions although some were rather gruesome
Our scores ranged from 6 to 3 out of 10.
Our next meeting is on the 24th October when we will discuss ‘Summer of ’76’ by Isabel Ashdown.

Book Club – December

A Cat, a Hat and a Piece of string, by Joanne Harris.

A selection of short stories some of which link together.

The groups favourites included, ‘Would you like to reconnect?’ that involves a mother , loss and the internet. ‘The Game’ – that gets you hooked! The adventures of Faith and Hope, two lively and young at heart residents of Meadowbank Nursing Home are told in a selection of heartwarming stories exploring friendship, the care profession and trust.
Cookie was a particularly strange story mixing food and a need of wanting.

Average score 6.

Report by Claire Lamplough