It’s not just about the Bingo….

Support, friendship and fun are the important topics of the evening and all that is there in abundance.

An interesting twist to this evening, we were pleased to have, for the first time, the company of Pat Murphy, but just one problem,  she doesn’t have a camera on her computer and her microphone decided not to work, she could hear us but we couldn’t see or hear her.  Undeterred Pat listened to all the chat and played Bingo. 

After a late start to getting any numbers, Sue Moore was the surprised winner and unbelievably won the second game as well…………….until my mobile rang……………It was Pat …..she had Bingo just before Sue.   Well done Pat.  Hope to see and hear you next time at Bingo (or Lotto as it used to be called)

Cheryl Howell

November Bingo

The enthusiasm of Creekside ladies to meet and play Bingo or Beetle drive does not waiver, we have lots of fun, chat and laughter, a real tonic.

Tonight it was the turn of Bingo. Nine people trying to be the first to shout Bingo. The first game was a draw won by Linda and Cheryl D, there were only four numbers left in the bag with Ann Parker only needing one more number………….it is becoming historic that Ann doesn’t win ……….so to reduce the odds for her another game was played but instead of having to fill the 15 numbers on the card it was reduced to eight. It was eyes down and concentrate there were shouts of ……no….no… as the wrong numbers for some were called. After 30 numbers (there are 90 altogether) came the call of BINGO……….was it Ann………..oh no it was Pauline, well done the quickest game we have ever played, Ann how many did you get this time ……ONE came the quick reply. Better luck next time Ann.

It is Beetle on Monday 23 November at 7:30 do join us, we have a chat to check everyone is ok and Ann updates us if any other members have not been too well. Communication in this way is vital to us all at the moment. Would be great to see more members joining us.

Cheryl Howell

Monday, 3rd August

What a boon WhatsApp is, ‘what is it tonight – Book Group, Beetle Drive or Bingo’ was the question asked by many through the day – at 5:30pm – it’s bingo was the message.

7:30 pm and its eye’s down looking, but not before we had a chat checking that all Creekside members were ok and catching up what members had been doing during the week.

The first game and after 80 of the possible 90 numbers had been called it was Cheryl Downie who call ‘BINGO’

Further chat ensued for a while and then we away again this time it was after 81 numbers called before Susan Phillips called ‘BINGO’ – but is there a challenge to the result – was number 11 called came a little voice – yes, oh dear you do have to concentrate even playing Bingo– challenge overruled.

Prizes will be one their way. A fun and enjoyable evening.

Report by Cheryl Howell


Another evening of fun and friendship when we met via zoom for a bingo session, or do you remember it as ‘Housey Housey’. After a chat it was ‘eyes down’ and we were away.

Two cards were played with points for the first person to complete a horizontal line and then further points for completing the full card. Linda and Ann Pearson called ‘line’ together on the first card which Ann Pearson went on to win.

The second game Sue Moore called line first but it was again Ann Pearson who won the full card.

A Face mask, kindly made and donated by Sue Moore together with a needle felted flower are winging their way to you Ann.