Creekside WI Swelling Online Beetle (last one in January)

We had a lovely evening together, chatting, laughing and welcoming three more members who have conquered the trickiness of technology and are joining in with our online games. Lovely to see you Jo,( helping Margaret), Margaret and Pat. Our reigning champion Chris did not have a good evening as far as scoring is concerned and was overtaken by Sue. But wait! Do we have another contender for a prize? Yes, Yes, Yes? NO!!! Sue you were the worthy winner of this week’s needle felted Beetle

with 174 points. Congratulations!🥂🎉🎉🎉

Online Beetle Drive

Creekside Online Beetle Drive

Congratulations to our champion Beetle winner. Chris Tipple strikes AGAIN! Lovely evening ladies with lots of much needed chat and fun. Just a shame that the host has forgotten how to get into the meeting. Well done to our two super crafters who showed off their new lines in Christmas decorations. Thanks to all for just being online. Can’t wait for next time👍😷🌈

Creekside Online Beetle Drive

Congratulations to Chris yet again with the winning score and therefore adding another Beetle to her expanding collection. Come on ladies! Improve your technique, somebody has got to get the better of her!!! How exciting that we had three extra players tonight. Lovely to see you and have you join in with the chat. Can’t wait for our next game. Take care of yourselves😷🌈👍

Creekside Online Beetle

Congratulations 👏to Cheryl H for winning this week’s session with 188 points.
Your Harlequin ladybird will be winging her way to you soon. It’s so lovely to be able to see each other and have a catch-up at the same time as a bit of fun. I’ve got a card with the ladybirds of Britain on it which I thought would be interesting to choose from for our prizes. They have been created by Alexia Claire and are a lovely record. Can’t wait for next time!

Creekside Online Beetle

What a surprise! Tonight’s game was organised at the last minute, even the beetle prize hadn’t been planned. Six of us appeared on Zoom to enjoy some chat and fun. We were also able to catch up on other WI members. Why is it that once you throw a six you throw more of them when you don’t want them? Congratulations Cheryl with a score of 195, your blue Beetle will come winging its way to you. Lovely to see you all! can’t wait for bingo next week.👍😷🌈

C Downie.        

Nice shot of Ann’s finger!

Creekside Online Beetle Result

This week it was Susan Phillip’s turn to win with a score of 168.
Congratulations! The Isle of Wight spikey shield bug is waiting for you to collect. Another evening when we chat, compete, lose the dice on the floor and enjoy seeing each other, (we even see our dual member in Guildford). We also provide a good reason to walk i.e. Beetle collection. Looking forward to the next time already.👍😷🌈

C Downie

Creekside Online Beetle Drive Update

Abraham Péna

Congratulations! Sue Moore is the winner of this week’s Beetle Drive with 217 points. Abraham Peña is winging his way to you.

An interesting evening when WI members not only enjoyed their games and chat, but also conquered technology (sort of). One of us could not be heard so she used her phone AND computer. Despite the increased whistles and echoes we battled on.

Well done ladies! See you next week at Bingo.

Creekside WI Beetle News

Christine has done it again! Her technique is unbeatable, her concentration is like a knife and her shake is nippy. Congratulations!

The sloe bug is speeding her way to you.

She is definitely our Beetle champion!

Creekside WI Beetle Evening

Congratulations! to Christine, the proud winner of her fourth Beetle !!!!!!!! Chrysolina Fastuosa will be winging her way to you to join her other three friends.  There was time for another catch up and next time we’ll have a go at signing in again for an extension. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!👍😷🌈