Creekside WI are Still Breaking Out!

Put together a lovely sunny afternoon, a big garden where plenty of social distancing can take place, fresh scones, plenty of tea and coffee and WI members coming out of lockdown, what have you got? Plenty of chat and laughter. Our second meeting in the sun…..not the full amount of members which may still be a long way off yet, but still a very pleasant afternoon. Thank you ladies…where next?

Creekside WI are Breaking Out!

We want to break free! Some members enjoyed putting the world to rights in the park in Wootton this week. We took our own chairs, drinks, nibbles and sat at good social distances. It was great to meet members we hadn’t seen for four months and catch up with all the news. Where are we meeting next time cos there’s no stopping us now!?

Creekside Online Cheese and Wine

Warm evening, cool wine and tasty cheese…a lovely way to start an evening; with good company and a quiz that leaves you feeling that you do know something.

Corona virus can’t stop that because Creekside WI ladies are on line!

It was a good opportunity to catch up with local news, check on members and learn something new. Did you know that vanilla pods come from an orchid? Thanks to Cheryl Howell for not eating her cheese before we had the chance to guess what it was and setting the quiz. Book club and Beetle Drive on line next week…there’s no stopping us!


Another evening of fun and friendship when we met via zoom for a bingo session, or do you remember it as ‘Housey Housey’. After a chat it was ‘eyes down’ and we were away.

Two cards were played with points for the first person to complete a horizontal line and then further points for completing the full card. Linda and Ann Pearson called ‘line’ together on the first card which Ann Pearson went on to win.

The second game Sue Moore called line first but it was again Ann Pearson who won the full card.

A Face mask, kindly made and donated by Sue Moore together with a needle felted flower are winging their way to you Ann.

Creekside WI Life on-Line is Expanding!

Creekside WI Beetle meetings are now a regular activity on a Monday evening and our beetle family are growing not only in membership but also in number of beetles won. The beetles are getting bigger too! We rattle our way through the games, enjoying drinks and nibbles if required and even have time for a quick chat. The Zoom time is never quite long enough so we are increasing our activities to Bingo, ( the first meeting on June the 18th) and a cheese and wine meeting so that we can just relax and chat, technology permitting. Well done ladies, you haven’t given up the fight with technology. You’ve battled on and got there in the end. Life on line is quite exciting

Beetle Drive Online

Congratulations Sue for scoring 180 plus and winning Didrephanephorus malayanus, Fanny for short. It’s great to meet friends and find out the latest as well as enjoying a competative game. Drink up ladies and on to the next activity of the day! 👍😷🌈

Creekside WI Online Beetle Drive!

Would you like to win this handmade Beetle? Not the prettiest in the world but very loving, loyal and of course handmade. We gathered pens, paper, dice and a score plan as well as a drink and even a pudding. Our beetle winner this week was Cheryl Howellwith a score of 60 plus, Lady Bird Beetle will be winging her way to you. See you all next week!👍

Like I said, you can’t keep a good WI member down.😁