Its was the 28th December, a holiday but Creekside ladies don’t like to miss the opportunity of a chat and a game, the last of 2020.

It was Eyes Down Looking for the Christmas Bingo. To make it a little harder ten numbers were not called in the normal way, instead there was a clue, but everyone had to think quickly before the next number was given.

With five tiles left, Chris was again our first worthy winner. In the words of the quizmaster in that popular quiz game Eggheads, ‘who will beat her’.

Well that was soon answered, Sue Moore was the next to shout BINGO , winning with 10 tiles still to be played. Sue had missed the first game, she was set ready to play Beetle this evening! Opps.

During the evening were all pleased to hear that several members, who have not been well recently, are making good progress, wonderful news, always welcome.

Happy New Year everyone, we will welcome 2021, with much hope,

Cheryl Howell