Creekside WI Online Beetle Drive!

Would you like to win this handmade Beetle? Not the prettiest in the world but very loving, loyal and of course handmade. We gathered pens, paper, dice and a score plan as well as a drink and even a pudding. Our beetle winner this week was Cheryl Howellwith a score of 60 plus, Lady Bird Beetle will be winging her way to you. See you all next week!👍

Like I said, you can’t keep a good WI member down.😁

Book Club Report

You can’t keep a good WI down!
Creekside WI Bookclub is now on line. Last night six of of us zoomed to discuss
the House at Riverton by Kate Moreton. It was very exciting as each member joined;
Well it was our first on line meeting! We did have quite a short discussion because we were also interested in how we were all coping with lockdown. We all enjoyed the book, which was a reminder of Downton Abbey and thought it was a well written book
with interesting and loveable characters. Well done ladies!

Lock Down at Easter

We are unbeaten during lock down – April 2020

In the Creekside diary for Friday 17 April 2:30pm it said ‘Easter Tea’ so not to be fazed by the Corona Virus lock down, that is exactly what we had ……….. no we didn’t break the lock down guide lines. Instead several of us, in our own individual homes at 2:30pm set Afternoon Tea in the true Creekside tradition with tablecloths, flowers, Easter decorations and a selection of sandwiches, cakes. Scones (home made of course) all served on our best bone china cups and saucers and plates.

Photos where taken and posted on our WhatsApp group, others posted comments. It was a fun thing to do and helps to keep us in touch.

All stay safe and healthy.

Cheryl Howell

Creekside WI’s Life on the Net

Are you a no-tech person? NO LONGER! If we can do it you can do it. Creekside WI bookclub is still alive and kicking on the internet. Yesterday 3 of us worked out all the irritations and met on Skype. Let’s extend it to Tea and Chat, Choir and anything else we can think of! EAT THAT CORONA VIRUS AND CHOKE ON IT💪

Kurling Evening with Freshwater WI

Put together good company and good food and you have a recipe for an excellent and enjoyable evening.

This was the case when Freshwater joined us for Kurling at our February evening session.

Every picture tells a sorry but the friendly rivalry between the ‘Reds and Blue’ (each team a mix of Creekside and Freshwater members) was electric. The Reds took an early lead but after the tea break the gap was steadily closing but the Reds held their nerve winning 12:7 There was much banter and hilarity from both sides, a brilliant evening.

Jenny Gaches did us proud yet again, producing an excellent two course meal which was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you Jenny.

Cheryl Howell

Amble – 26 February 2020

Report by Rio Bellgore-Gullit

Six members met at Brannon Way car park and then travelled to Newchurch, courtesy of Wendy and Elizabeth.  Esme met us at Newchurch car park.  We then descended The Shute, admiring gardens en route, crossed Langbridge that spans the River Yar to join the cycle track.  Here, we turned left and made our way towards Horringford.  Pedlars cafe was open but we did not partake on this occasion.  We left the cycle track by turning left up a track to Wacklands Farm, bypassing the puddles the best we could.  From Wackland Farm, we followed Wacklands Lane to Winford Road and then turned left again and followed this road to All Saints Churchyard, admiring gardens again en route.

The walk was intended as a snowdrop walk but we were too late for the snowdrops this year, although there were some left. There were also some crocuses but it was the daffodils that stole the show this year. In the past, when we’ve done this walk a bit earlier in February to see the masses of snowdrops, there have only been some daffodils out. This year, it was the other way around – it made a nice change, to be honest!!

After admiring the flora in the churchyard, we made our way back to the cars and then made our way to the cafe in Thompsons Garden Centre for lunch. Margaret had an appointment in the morning and so was unable to come on the amble but she joined us for lunch. After lunch, we had a wander around the garden centre and Mary bought an obelisk for her garden. We then returned to Wootton.

Early Pancake Day with Creekside WI

Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in a pan
Then eat it!!

Mmmmmmmm delicious, especially if there is a choice of lemon, sugar, honey or chocolate spread. Then follow that with a choice of chocolate cake or lemon meringue with ice cream or cream and a nice cup of tea or coffee. Some Creekside members not only enjoyed early ‘Pancake Day’ food but finished a very enjoyable afternoon with a Beetle Drive. Congratulations to the winner, Rosalind Eaves; ‘Thank you’ to everyone would helped make it such fun.

Craft Group

You may have noticed the absence of blogging from the Craft Group during the latter part of last year.

The reason became clear at the December meeting. It was difficult to do a report on what was a secret. Hope you are all enjoying using your CREEKSIDE WI bags, we all certainly enjoyed the challenge. Some had never attempted this skill before so were more than pleased with the end product.

Well the New Year is well and truly with us and the enthusiasm of the group continues. ‘What are we going to learn to now’ everyone asked. With the popularity of needle felting growing this was the challenge set.


On Tuesday 11th February seven members met at Linda’s and ‘barbed needles’ in hand and instructions not to stab your fingers (you would only do it once –‘ouch’) we pricked away producing some successful pieces.

We are meeting next on Thursday March 5th at 11am, again at Linda’s home to continue our pricking skills. Thank you Linda for having us, we come for the toasted tea cakes really. Any one who would like to join us is very welcome. Look forward to seeing you.

Cheryl Howell

Hazel Lewis

It was Hazel Lewis’s 90th birthday today and a group of us decided to visit her at home to wish her a very happy birthday. We met at 3pm on her drive to go creeping in the side door to give her a surprise Happy birthday sing a long. She was delighted especially when we brought in a cake with many candles ready for her to blow out. She was surrounded by flowers and cards, and lots of hugs and good wishes. Hazel had not been very well early on in the year, and to see her home again, making fantastic progress was great. Well done Hazel see you soon back at club night.