Creekside WI Bookclub – March 2021

Another lovely evening sharing experiences and some interesting books. No rush because we now have our own licence for Zoom so we can chat for as long as we like. The library is shut so we are still choosing our own books. This month we heard about Tidelands by Phillipa Gregory, The Last Runaways by Tracy Chevalier, The Botanist’s Daughter by Kayte Nunn, The Thread by Victoria Hislop and A Time of Love and Tartan by Alexander McCall Smith. Pauline gave us an Island writer, M J Trow who wrote Queen’s Progress. Scores ranged between 7 and 9. The great thing about sharing books that we have chosen is that we get a brilliant insight into what these books are about and how much pleasure the reader has had. Perfect recommendations! Can’t wait for next month.👍🌈C Downie

Creekside WI Members’ Meeting March 2021

Hooray! We are sort of back…..on Zoom of course. Members were welcomed by President Ann Parker who explained that our new Zoom license would enable us to take more time than the usual 30 minutes.
Happy a Birthday to Joyce Thomas who is ninety this month. We hope you have a wonderful day!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂
Linda Sheasby organised a quiz for us; Congratulations to Kimberl
We ended the meeting with a very rousing version of Jerusalem.
See you all for a game of Beetle next week – can’t wait.👍🌈😷

Creekside WI’s “visit” to the Erland Lee Museum with Navan WI

On Wednesday, Creekside WI was invited by our twinned WI of Navan in Ottawa to “visit” the Erland Lee Museum* in Stony Creek, Ontario. This beautifully preserved farmhouse is recognised as the birthplace of the Women’s Institutes, the organisation we all belong to today.

We eagerly logged into Zoom at 8pm (3pm in Canada!) and were greeted enthusiastically by Navan President, Sue Woram and the other members. Naturally, the first questions were about the weather. Although no one ventured outside to show us, we were told it was very cold with a lot of snow there.

Ann and Linda were introduced as our President and Vice President and they described Creekside WI and the activities we normally took part in during pre-covid days. Sadly, Navan are in the same situation and are currently in lockdown too, but we all thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow WI members through the internet, the lifeline that has kept many of us connected during the pandemic.

Jill Noakes, their Vice President,  answered questions from us such as how many members they had (24) and she explained how their numbers dipped a little in the winter months of January and February as it is often too cold to turn out, we know what that is like at the moment!

 Whilst we sing Jerusalem here, in many WIs in Canada they read out the “Mary Stewart Collect” and “The Ode” * which Marlene, our twinning representative, was granted the honour of reciting.

We were then introduced to the curator of the museum, Mara, who welcomed us on her first guided tour since lockdown began and also her first virtual tour. She allowed us to ask questions as she walked us round and we could request to view any artefacts that interested us. Although some objects did not originally come from the Erland Lee house, they had been sourced from the local community and were of the correct era. Members commented on the beautiful quilts and were told that they were frequently rotated from storage as they had 75 of them, several of which were made by ladies of the WI.

We were shown round the various rooms of the house including the dining room, with the original table where Janet Lee is said to have written the first Women’s Institute constitution on February 25th 1897.

All too soon the tour was over and, having thanked Mara, we chatted for a few more minutes with Navan. We all agreed that we really must zoom again and how wonderful it was to be able to stay connected with the outside world!

* the Ode & Collect –  can be found on Navan Women’s Institute page ( Lee (Museum) Home | The Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario (


Congratulations to Sue Moore 🏆and Dorothy Maskell for carrying off prizes from the Federation of WI’s quiz tonight. It was a fun evening of answerable questions without being too easy and having fun with ladies and a gentleman from WIs across the Island.  Thank you to Hazel Leech for a well organised fun evening. Can’t wait for the next one!

On-line Bookclub – February

Sometimes the Tech tries to confuse you but being a WI member and a little perseverance we were able to enjoy another meeting. Due to COVID we have decided to read books of our own choice which is not only very interesting but also gives other members good ideas to follow up. Tonight we heard about The Prisoner’s Wife by Maggie Brooks, Children of The New Forest by Captain Marryat, No One Listened by Isobel and Alex Kerr, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, Mum and Dad by Joanna Trollope and Black Eyed Devils by Catrin Collier.
All were given a score of 9 except the last book which was called a ‘Quick Read’
The story was described through the conversation between characters resulting in a feeling of lack of substance.
All the other books were about relationships and described how characters overcome hardship either physical, mental or both.
Catching up with each other is an important part of these meetings and we always manage to have a good laugh. Looking forward to next meeting already.

Creekside Online Beetle – February

Congratulations ladies, one more new player! Glad you made it Claire.
Another evening of chat, laughter and some coaching on how to see more members on the screen I.e. Swiping left to right.
Congratulations to Sue AGAIN! A definite challenger for the ‘ Most Wins’ crown. Watch out Chris she is catching you up!

Goodbye to January 2021

The title given for Tea and Chat on the last Friday afternoon of January.

Twelve members managed to join us, although Pat Murphy, a new zoomer had technical difficulties, being able to hear us but not see us, some felt that was not a bad thing although we had all dressed up for the occasion – well the top half at least, Cheryl Downie could only join in for the second half so missed the photocall.

We all enjoyed a chat along with the beverage of our choice and then it was time for the quiz ‘What, Where, When’

Now, how well do members know ‘Their Island’ and how many look at our website – we were about to find as the questions were based on photographs taken of visits/activities that we have done over the past three and, some a little obscure, of places on the Island. Zoom is such a great tool for this.

The scores were very close but winner was Sue Moore a native of the Island. Well done Sue.

Everyone agreed it was a very enjoyable afternoon.


It’s not just about the Bingo….

Support, friendship and fun are the important topics of the evening and all that is there in abundance.

An interesting twist to this evening, we were pleased to have, for the first time, the company of Pat Murphy, but just one problem,  she doesn’t have a camera on her computer and her microphone decided not to work, she could hear us but we couldn’t see or hear her.  Undeterred Pat listened to all the chat and played Bingo. 

After a late start to getting any numbers, Sue Moore was the surprised winner and unbelievably won the second game as well…………….until my mobile rang……………It was Pat …..she had Bingo just before Sue.   Well done Pat.  Hope to see and hear you next time at Bingo (or Lotto as it used to be called)

Cheryl Howell

Creekside WI Swelling Online Beetle (last one in January)

We had a lovely evening together, chatting, laughing and welcoming three more members who have conquered the trickiness of technology and are joining in with our online games. Lovely to see you Jo,( helping Margaret), Margaret and Pat. Our reigning champion Chris did not have a good evening as far as scoring is concerned and was overtaken by Sue. But wait! Do we have another contender for a prize? Yes, Yes, Yes? NO!!! Sue you were the worthy winner of this week’s needle felted Beetle

with 174 points. Congratulations!🥂🎉🎉🎉

Creekside Online Bookclub January 2021

The Salt Path by Raynor Winn provide a polarisation of opinion. Some members enjoyed the book because they had either spent time walking the same path or wanted to. Others couldn’t relate to how the couple made the decisions they did. Whatever the opinion, members had plenty to discuss. Scoring ranged from 6 to 8.

Tonight was also another opportunity to meet, chat, catch up and just be together even if we were online and not together in the flesh. Happy reading everyone but don’t just sit till your b*m hurts even if you have enjoyed a two hour walk!👍🌈😷