Railway Bench

On a rather cold and windy Tuesday morning Ann and Cheryl Howell re painted the bench at the Railway Station in Wootton.
We donated the bench to commemorate 50 years of Creekside WI. The tin said it should be painted again in another two years, fingers crossed, it stays looking good.

Fun in House!

Members of Creekside WI enjoyed Kurling together last night. We had our usual yummy cottage pie followed by apple, sultana and cinnamon crumble ( with a crispy crumble top) and custard. Blue team were in the lead for most of the evening but after the break for refreshments and variation of approach i.e. Under chair push, left hand push or on your knees push, red team gained some extra vavavoom and pipped blue team at the post. Well done!

Thanks to everyone who made it a lovely evening, great food, plenty of chat and a bit of exercise, especially our chef, Jenny Gâches and our President who modelled the ‘ on your knees approach’.

Northshore Meeting Friday 4th October

This month, members from the five WIs that make up the Northshore group met in Wootton. The ‘Welcome’ was given Dorothy Maskell, a member of Creekside WI and convenor of the Northshore group this year. Following a short business meeting, Dorothy then introduced the speaker, Andrew Negus from Hampshire.
Portsmouth Harlots Dung and Glory Part 2 1780-1860. Portsmouth helps create a superpower. Anyone who thought this was going to be a dry subject was in for a huge surprise; from the first word we were in for an interesting, humorous and lively afternoon. We heard how the small town of Portsea was created so that The Norman kings could pop across the channel for frequent visits to Normandy and by 1760 the greatest factory complex in the world had been created building and servicing ships which were sailing to foreign parts to claim new lands that became The Empire. Even though there was a rapidly growing wealth, Portsmouth was known as one of the filthiest, squalid and diseased ridden towns in Europe.
Andrew also gave us a glimpse of some of the interesting characters born in the city such as James Aidkins who ended up ‘ hung from the yardarm’ in Gosport until his body had completely rotted, the bones falling out of the chains to be sold. When one of the town’s harlots caused a gunpowder explosion the powder was moved to Gosport providing work for thousands of people. Henry Ayers another Portsmouth man gave his name to Ayers Rock, John Pounds started the Ragged Schools. Other famous names were Charles Dickens, Isambard Brunell and Ellen Terry, a descendent being Sir John Guilgood. The first fleet sailed to Australia from Portsmouth with 800 convicts. Phillip Sidney, one of the Captains is well remembered in Perth.
Suddenly it was all over and members were heard to say ‘What a lovely afternoon!’ and ‘Can we come back for Part 3 next year?’
The ‘Thanks’ was given by Dorothy Maskell.
Next year East Cowes WI will organise the Northshore Meeting.

Creekside Members visit a Gin Distillery

‘Bottoms up!’ Off we went to the Mermaid Bar at the Wishing Well, the home of the Isle of Wight distillery. This distillery is the first and only distillery producing Award Winning. Gins and Vodka. We sat next to the still to hear how the business started and grew from the sale of 6 bottles a week to thousands, supplying prestigious stores and hotels. We found the process very interesting; the Gins contain 10 Botanicals, some of which we were able to smell or taste. They give the Gins their unique flavours which we could taste if we wanted to…and we did!

There is a strong Isle of Wight focus the combination of blended flavours achieved through locally foraged Rock Samphire and Elderflower, Boadicea Hops and Island Chalk-Fed Spring Water. The unique bottles containing Mermaid and Mermaid pink Gin, produced by the Murano glass factory are completely recyclable with a small amount of money on return for washing and using again.

What’s next? Island Whiskey and possibly a return visit!