Ascot Ladies Day

Creekside WI met at Wootton Methodist Church hall for ‘Ascot Ladies Day’. The event was originally going to be held outside but the weather had other ideas!! The ladies arrived in their finery and those without a hat could borrow one.

Our ‘host members’ circulated with trays of various canapés, including devils on horseback and grapes stuffed with creamed cheese and nuts. A cream tea followed the canapés. There was a choice of drinks, either Schloer or elderflower squash diluted with lemonade. Everybody enjoyed the latter so much that the Schloer was not needed.

It was then time for the ‘races’. There were several races and before the start of each race there was the opportunity to bet on a horse. Each bet cost 20 pence. Six volunteers stood in a line at the start and these were the jockeys. Each had a wooden horse, numbered 1 to 6. Two dice were thrown, one after the other. The first die, a large one, represented the number of the horse/jockey. The smaller die was then thrown to instruct how many spaces forward the horse can move. In some of the spaces, there would be another instruction e.g. go back 2 spaces or go forward 1 space.

The event was good fun and everybody enjoyed themselves. A big thank you was given to all those who volunteered to be our caterers, waitresses, bookmakers, dice throwers, jockeys and the steward also to the member who had the idea in the first place.