Creekside Online Beetle

What a surprise! Tonight’s game was organised at the last minute, even the beetle prize hadn’t been planned. Six of us appeared on Zoom to enjoy some chat and fun. We were also able to catch up on other WI members. Why is it that once you throw a six you throw more of them when you don’t want them? Congratulations Cheryl with a score of 195, your blue Beetle will come winging its way to you. Lovely to see you all! can’t wait for bingo next week.👍😷🌈

C Downie.        

Nice shot of Ann’s finger!

Creekside Online Beetle Result

This week it was Susan Phillip’s turn to win with a score of 168.
Congratulations! The Isle of Wight spikey shield bug is waiting for you to collect. Another evening when we chat, compete, lose the dice on the floor and enjoy seeing each other, (we even see our dual member in Guildford). We also provide a good reason to walk i.e. Beetle collection. Looking forward to the next time already.👍😷🌈

C Downie

Creekside WI Online Bookclub Update

This month’s book, Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler, prompted a lively discussion with varying views which was reflected in the scoring which ranged from 4 to 8 out of 10. Most of us agreed it was well written with believable descriptions but some of us found relating to the main character difficult. The question for the main character, Delia, was ‘Am I valued in my marriage?’ Some of us described Delia’s journey to independence and a degree of self knowledge as fascinating, others tedious. One astute person commented that whether we enjoyed it or not, we discussed the book for most of the session instead of wandering off onto other subjects. Great to see everybody as usual and can’t wait to start our next book.

C Downie

Creekside Online Beetle Drive Update

Abraham Péna

Congratulations! Sue Moore is the winner of this week’s Beetle Drive with 217 points. Abraham Peña is winging his way to you.

An interesting evening when WI members not only enjoyed their games and chat, but also conquered technology (sort of). One of us could not be heard so she used her phone AND computer. Despite the increased whistles and echoes we battled on.

Well done ladies! See you next week at Bingo.

News from Navan – Covid can’t stop them either!

Morning ladies. Just a few pics of parade today. The Upside down parade came about of course with covid being about. We would line the street (about 2/3 klm) and we would have wagons from Churches, service groups, tractors, pipe bands (love a good pipe band…my dad was born in Glasgow) and regular bands, new and old, lots of animals and happy faces. So this year we stayed in our car and the wagons etc were stationary. The line of cars was just as long. Donations to Fair and food bank on the way in. Check out Navan Fair on google. The crazy lady is our Sheila. Sheila is the PR person for our WI. She gets everyone in the spirit. I arranged for WI to get a space and the girls took up the challenge, they did a great job. We hold a Guinness book of records for 50 Clydesdale horses with one hitch. Drove right by my house! It is on web also, I think even a video. We also have a little newspaper called the Navan Nugget. 5 or 6 pages of pics , advertisements and goings on in the village. Check out August Nugget. I am in there for an award..very humbling.
Take care everyone.
Love from Canada to you

Monday, 3rd August

What a boon WhatsApp is, ‘what is it tonight – Book Group, Beetle Drive or Bingo’ was the question asked by many through the day – at 5:30pm – it’s bingo was the message.

7:30 pm and its eye’s down looking, but not before we had a chat checking that all Creekside members were ok and catching up what members had been doing during the week.

The first game and after 80 of the possible 90 numbers had been called it was Cheryl Downie who call ‘BINGO’

Further chat ensued for a while and then we away again this time it was after 81 numbers called before Susan Phillips called ‘BINGO’ – but is there a challenge to the result – was number 11 called came a little voice – yes, oh dear you do have to concentrate even playing Bingo– challenge overruled.

Prizes will be one their way. A fun and enjoyable evening.

Report by Cheryl Howell

Creekside WI are Still Breaking Out!

Put together a lovely sunny afternoon, a big garden where plenty of social distancing can take place, fresh scones, plenty of tea and coffee and WI members coming out of lockdown, what have you got? Plenty of chat and laughter. Our second meeting in the sun…..not the full amount of members which may still be a long way off yet, but still a very pleasant afternoon. Thank you ladies…where next?