Amble – 22 January 2020

Report by Rio Bellgore-Gullit

Five ladies met at Newport bus station to catch the number 1 bus to the Round House bus stop. We then walked down to the Woodvale at Gurnard, admiring residents’ gardens en route. Down at the front, the view was misty and the mainland could not be seen. There was also light drizzle. We walked all along the esplanade to The Parade at Cowes. There wasn’t much wildlife to be seen along the way, just a few black-headed gulls.

From The Parade, we made our way up Bath Road to have lunch at the Watch House Barn Café. Last time we did this walk and went there, in January 2017, there was a model train going around the perimeter of the dining room but it was stationary today. There are a few charity collection tins in the cafe and one of the tins is in aid of keeping the train running!!

After lunch, we made our way along the High Street and into the Red Jet terminal to catch the number 1 bus. Rio got off at Hunnyhill and the others continued to Newport bus station to catch the number 9 to Wootton, Fishbourne and Binstead.

Twice In One week

Twice in one week: Creekside WI members are off to enjoy themselves AGAIN! We met on a lovely sunny but cold winter day, this time in the peaceful surroundings of Quarr. Our ‘Tea and Chat’ sessions are taking place not just in members’ homes but out and about as well. The more energetic of us walked from Ryde with others coming in a more leisurely fashion on four wheels. It’s not just tea either, coffee and soft drinks fuel plenty of chat. Lovely morning, interesting company and I discovered what small yams look like. Thanks everyone!

Creekside WI Members Eating Out.

What can you do on a cold, wet windy winter evening? Lots of things, one of which is to enjoy the company of friends while eating a tasty dish! 18 members of Creekside WI did just that, gathering at a local eatery. There was lots of chat, covering a variety of subjects serious and less so and the restaurant managed to serve us all at the same time with delicious hot food. Well done…..NEXT!

Would I Lie to You?

‘Would I Lie to You?’ Of course not! Or would we? After some very in-depth questioning, members had to decide if the ladies on the panel were telling the truth or lying when they told a short personal story. There was quite a variety of tales e.g. I was a trials bike rider, I swore in Afrikaans and was rumbled by the German nurse, I cut my sister’s hair off and stuffed it inside my teddy, stranded in a boat in a storm our rescuer would not tow us to safety until he had my husband’s shoes and I was a member of the largest dance troupe dancing together.

Arthur Edwards made sure everything ran smoothly and Barbara took questions from the floor. Who would guess the WI ladies could lie so convincingly or have such unusual experiences? I wonder what other interesting stories members could tell.

Tree at St Peters Havenstreet

Creekside decorated a tree at St Peters Church Havenstreet today.

We we are asked by our treasure Barbara Edwards if we would like to take part. We decided to make pom-poms in the shade of grey and use silver balls and silver tinsel to decorate.

We were pleased and so was the church in our involvement.

The trees will be up until 6th January it’s well worth a ride out to visit this very pretty church in the heart of Havenstreet.


Creekside WI at Wootton Christmas Fair

Last night we had a great time in Wootton Community Centre. We joined other stall holders displaying a huge variety of Christmas goodies. We had several ‘best sellers’ i.e. Fruity jams, marmalade and crunchy biscuits. The delicious looking cakes didn’t take long to disappear either. We also took Christmas wreathes, pom-pom decorations, knitted snowmen and a very wise owl. The wine and water competition was a hit too and by the end of the evening there wasn’t much left. Well done.’👍

C Downie

Christmas Meal at Yelfs

Ladies at Creekside Woman’s Institute enjoyed yet another meal out on Friday. This time it was to celebrate end of the year activities within the WI, and our usual Christmas meal out, the one where we do not have to do the cooking or washing up.
We sat down at the local eatery in Ryde to a super turkey dinner with all the festive trimmings, and went home well fed and happy. All looking forward to our meeting next week, when once again food will be on the menu. Followed by fun and game, and Christmas carols. See you soon ladies.

Tree Decorating

Ann and Pauline, decorated the Christmas tree at the Methodist church in Wootton today. Watched by the Shepard on the left, who did not look to happy with our efforts.

Lots of decorated wreaths and garlands were brought in by other parishioners. Another tree decorated by the Messy Church children displayed home made decorations and looked great. The next tree to be decorated by Creekside WI will be at “St Peters” in Havenstreet, next week.

Fun Marzipan Fruits

Members of Creekside WI had a lovely morning creating boxes of marzipan fruits for their Christmas stall.

There was plenty of measuring, rolling, mixing, dying, shaping and creativity as well as lots of chat, laughter and refreshments.

The result? Boxes of beautiful mini marzipan fruits with some mini Christmas puddings tucked in as well. Yummy! Not quite full? Don’t worry by the time we were finished the boxes were full to bursting point. Thanks to Linda and Cheryl for refreshments and Christine for instructions.

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Book Club Meeting November

Eight of us gathered at a members home to discuss our latest read “Any Human Heart” by William Boyd. There were mixed reviews and some of us didn’t persevere with it and didn’t finish reading it. It was written in a diary format about a fictional character Mountstuart a writer in 20th century. The book scored a 9 out of 10 rating.

We enjoyed the usual chat (not book related) along with the obligatory cake & coffee.

We will meet again in January to discuss “Persuasion” by Jane Austin.