Creekside Online Bookclub January 2021

The Salt Path by Raynor Winn provide a polarisation of opinion. Some members enjoyed the book because they had either spent time walking the same path or wanted to. Others couldn’t relate to how the couple made the decisions they did. Whatever the opinion, members had plenty to discuss. Scoring ranged from 6 to 8.

Tonight was also another opportunity to meet, chat, catch up and just be together even if we were online and not together in the flesh. Happy reading everyone but don’t just sit till your b*m hurts even if you have enjoyed a two hour walk!👍🌈😷

Bingo Continues into 2021

The smiling faces say it all.

Now into a third lockdown, our meetings on Zoom are even more welcome. Eleven members joined for the first Bingo session of 2021.

Happy New Year wishes were shared, then a chat and a catch up to check how everyone was and an update on those who have not been too well.

It was then ‘Eyes Down Looking.’ Our first winner of the year was Sue Moore – er who was the last winner of 2020 Mmmm… was Sue Moore maybe she is trying to beat Chris’s run of wins.

We were running short of time for the second game, so – first to six numbers – this proved to be too easy, several shouted Bingo at the same time, it was increased to eight numbers and it wasn’t long before Pauline shouted ‘Bingo’ to become our second winner of the night.

Well done ladies.

It was agreed it was a very enjoyable evening.

Cheryl Howell


Its was the 28th December, a holiday but Creekside ladies don’t like to miss the opportunity of a chat and a game, the last of 2020.

It was Eyes Down Looking for the Christmas Bingo. To make it a little harder ten numbers were not called in the normal way, instead there was a clue, but everyone had to think quickly before the next number was given.

With five tiles left, Chris was again our first worthy winner. In the words of the quizmaster in that popular quiz game Eggheads, ‘who will beat her’.

Well that was soon answered, Sue Moore was the next to shout BINGO , winning with 10 tiles still to be played. Sue had missed the first game, she was set ready to play Beetle this evening! Opps.

During the evening were all pleased to hear that several members, who have not been well recently, are making good progress, wonderful news, always welcome.

Happy New Year everyone, we will welcome 2021, with much hope,

Cheryl Howell

Still hot to trot when it comes to tech!

Over the last weeks we have enjoyed Santa Beetle (1+2) and a Book Club meeting, both on line.
We took a little bit of time to get the hang of the extra little bits in the Santa Drive but that didn’t take long so we managed eight games and a bit of a chat. Congratulations to Sue who won the Christmas Santa!
The online Bookclub meeting was very interesting because we shared a book of our own choice. This proved to be a great introduction to books we might not have been aware of and would like to read as a result of our meeting. Richard Osman’s new novel The Thursday Murder Club was deemed a ‘page turner’.
Other books discussed and enjoyed were The Dressmakers Gift by Fiona Valmy,
The Feud by Kimberly Chambers, The Christmas Lights by Karen Swan. The list went on. Thank you ladies for another lovely evening. I can’t wait for the next one.
Last of all we enjoyed an extended session on Zoom during our Santa Beetle (2). Lots of time to play, chat and enjoy a good laugh. Congratulations to Cheryl D who won with a score of 300. FINALLY! Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and healthy.🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Creekside Crafters go from strength

Felting, in all it’s different forms seems to have caught everyone’s imagination.

On a zoom session on Thursday Sue F, Linda and Cheryl D tackled the art of 3D felting and came up with amazing first attempts. Not easy to interpret exactly what is required when working remotely, ‘feel the quality’ comes to mind when instructed to lay the fibres – how thick, do I fan them out, where some questions. It is a long process, taking nearly three hours and pretty energetic, the last process is more like an upper body workout, rolling each side of the nearly finished item four hundred times on each side, all part of the ‘felting process’

Another session will be held in the New Year for another group of enthusiasts.

Cheryl Howell

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Online Beetle Drive December

Chris, our super champion, was not with us tonight so there were one or two other players that began to shine. Congratulations to Sue, who not only produced a beautiful crochet hat she has made but also won with 217 points. Well done!👍
It wasn’t just Sue who has been creative, Linda paraded her penguin family; lucky whoever gets them for Christmas and Cheryl showed us her wet felted creation in readiness for Thursday. Thank ladies another happy evening of catch-up and games. Keep Safe everyone till next time😷🌈👍

Online Beetle Drive

Creekside Online Beetle Drive

Congratulations to our champion Beetle winner. Chris Tipple strikes AGAIN! Lovely evening ladies with lots of much needed chat and fun. Just a shame that the host has forgotten how to get into the meeting. Well done to our two super crafters who showed off their new lines in Christmas decorations. Thanks to all for just being online. Can’t wait for next time👍😷🌈

November Bingo

The enthusiasm of Creekside ladies to meet and play Bingo or Beetle drive does not waiver, we have lots of fun, chat and laughter, a real tonic.

Tonight it was the turn of Bingo. Nine people trying to be the first to shout Bingo. The first game was a draw won by Linda and Cheryl D, there were only four numbers left in the bag with Ann Parker only needing one more number………….it is becoming historic that Ann doesn’t win ……….so to reduce the odds for her another game was played but instead of having to fill the 15 numbers on the card it was reduced to eight. It was eyes down and concentrate there were shouts of ……no….no… as the wrong numbers for some were called. After 30 numbers (there are 90 altogether) came the call of BINGO……….was it Ann………..oh no it was Pauline, well done the quickest game we have ever played, Ann how many did you get this time ……ONE came the quick reply. Better luck next time Ann.

It is Beetle on Monday 23 November at 7:30 do join us, we have a chat to check everyone is ok and Ann updates us if any other members have not been too well. Communication in this way is vital to us all at the moment. Would be great to see more members joining us.

Cheryl Howell

Creekside Online Beetle Drive

Congratulations to Chris yet again with the winning score and therefore adding another Beetle to her expanding collection. Come on ladies! Improve your technique, somebody has got to get the better of her!!! How exciting that we had three extra players tonight. Lovely to see you and have you join in with the chat. Can’t wait for our next game. Take care of yourselves😷🌈👍

Creekside Beetle Update

Congratulations to Chris our multiple winner of beetles! We were busy chatting so only managed 5 games but being tight for time concentrates the mind resulting in faster shaking and drawing even if the beetles end up being a bit untidy. Great to see each other and enjoy a good old chat which I’m sure will become even more important in lockdown 2.